Friday, October 5, 2012

27 Weeks - Glucose Tolerance Test

Glucose Breakfast
On October 1st I had my dreaded glucose tolerance test to find out if I have gestational diabetes. Rather than drinking the nasty "juice" many offices force on their patients, I simply had to consume 2 pieces of toast, two eggs, four ounces of unsweetened juice and eight ounces of milk within ten minutes. Way better than the overly-sweet junk, but still a challenge as I do not scarf my food down by nature (I know, I know, that will change). 

Results are in. "Normal" results are between 60 and 140 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood plasma. My results showed 84 milligrams - well within the normal range. Yay!

25 Weeks

23 Weeks - Painting the Nursery

Before - Plain Cream Walls
We had a few things to consider when choosing a color for our girl's room:

1.   I hate super girly colors. This room was never going to be pink or purple.

2.   I don't like feeling like I have to re-paint, so gender-neutral was a must (no, we're not planning for baby number two, but what if someone made a mistake and we have a boy?).

3.   We live in a rental and need to keep the walls a color that is relatively easy to change.

For these reasons, we set out to find a nice blue-green hue for the walls. I think we significantly depleted Lowe's paint chips in the process, but we finally settled on "Delicate Mist."

After moving all the furniture out, I taped around the baseboards and the ceiling, cut in, and rolled the walls. Two coats and 24 hours later, I painted the baseboards white. The end result is subtle and spa-like. I love it!