Friday, July 20, 2012

16 Weeks

Not too much of a visible difference, but I am definitely feeling the baby move now... Even kicking to the beat of "Call Me Maybe" the other day (embarrassing, I know). I feel like we're starting to get to know the little person inside me.

Baby's cousins are also getting curious. They've been concerned that I am such a negligent parent, I let the baby be naked. With "not even a diaper." They've been concerned for the baby's comfort, wondering how the baby can sleep without a bed. And, of course, the age old curiosity of how the baby might get out. Perhaps I will get a cough and just keep going until a baby pops out? If only...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I have been encouraged by many people to start a registry earlier rather than later. It makes sense to me because I know that I will inevitably forget something really important the first round. I have been slowly adding items as they come to mind. Currently I have a hodgepodge list on I actually love the site as it allows me to register for items not at Target and Babies 'R' Us. However, it also has the ability to cross reference with registries at brick-and-morter stores (which is good because Ben is looking forward to using the scanner at Target).

The next big decision is disposable vs. cloth diapering. We're leaning toward cloth, which would mean I get to determine the brands and amounts we are going to need... what fun that will be.

15 Weeks - First Appointment

On July 9th we met with our midwife officially for the first time. We did all the fun family medical history stuff and I had four vials of blood drawn.  We listened to the baby with the doppler again. This time the heart rate was in the 150s and we could actually hear the baby kicking. I can't feel anything yet, but we could hear our sweetie moving around. I think we have a pretty active little one about to enter our family.

Our next appointment is set for August 8th. Even more exciting -- we have the ultrasound set for August 10th! We are so excited to see our little one. We have decided that, rather than find out our bambino's gender in the doctors office, we are going to wait to find out with our family and friends. August 19th is the set reveal date... The wait may just kill me.

Our Third Anniversary

June 27, 2012

13 Weeks

Just a little bump
June 24th marked the beginning of our 13th week. Goodbye, first trimester! I won't miss the exhaustion or nausea.

12 Weeks - Heartbeat

On June 18th we wet to see our midwife for an unofficial visit. Our mission: to hear our baby's heartbeat. You can hear it at the very end of the video (when it gets dark). You can tell we uses a super high quality camera. :)

And Then There Were Three!

Something exciting is about to happen!

On April 23, 2012 we found out that our family would be growing. It goes without saying that we were overjoyed. All I remember thinking for the first 30 minutes is "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God." We both knew we wanted kids, but like many things, it's one thing to talk about doing something and another thing entirely to live the plan. We knew everything was about to change. Ready or not.