Saturday, December 1, 2012

32 Weeks ~ Night-Night Baby

I've wanted to make something for baby before she arrives, but I could't come up with something easy enough to be accomplished in an afternoon/weekend.

Yes, that is a hole in her head. Her arms have had to be re-secured numerous times as well.

This is my night-night baby. My grandmother made her for me when I was little. As you can tell, I loved her. I didn't go to sleep without her for years. I thought it would be really cool if I could find something similar to make for my daughter. 

I didn't expect to find this on eBay.

That's right. The same exact baby. For less than $6.00.

I snatched that fabric up and waited for it to come in. When it did, I took two or three hours on a Saturday and made this:

I didn't realize just how worn the original is until the new one was put together. She isn't as soft as my original, but I'm sure time will fix that.

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